University of Dar es Salaam 8Th International Conference on Mechanical & Industrial Engineering (MIE 2024) 24 - 25 October 2024 Arusha Tanzania.
8Th International Conference on Mechanical & Industrial Engineering (MIE 2024)


The conference's primary goal is to disseminate current research findings, innovative ideas, and practical industrial experiences, as well as discuss how private industry, regional engineers, and academic institutions may work together to accelerate industrialization and, by extension, the country's economic and social development.

MAIN THEME: Academia-Industry Linkage for Sustainable Industrial Development through Science, Technology and Innovation.


  1. Agro-Processing and Mechanization
    Value addition on Agricultural products for Food, Textile, Leather and Associated Products for Industrial and Domestic Uses; Design and Optimization of Agricultural Machinery and Equipment; Sustainable Irrigation Systems; Precision Agriculture Techniques; Advances in Agricultural Process Techniques.
  2. Advances in Manufacturing Technology and Innovation
    Development and Use of Various Engineering Materials; Nano-Technology; Design and Development of New and/or Improved Products and Mechanisms; Additive Manufacturing Technologies; Automation and Robotics; Digital Design and Manufacturing Techniques; New Approaches in Product Design and Manufacturing Engineering; Technology Development and Transfer.
  3. Industrial Engineering and Management
    Industry 4.0; Industrial Data Analytics, Industrial Systems Engineering; Human Factors Engineering; Industrial Safety and Maintenance; Industrial Planning; Industrial Control, Industrial Organization; Industrial Quality Engineering and Management; Supply Chain Management; Continuous Improvement.
  4. Energy Technology and Systems
    Fossil Fuels Production and Utilization; Renewable Energy Technologies; Alternative Fuels; Nuclear Energy; Power Generation and Transportation; Power Distribution and Consumption; Smart Grids and Grid Modernization; Energy Storage; Energy Efficiency Technologies; Energy Economics and Market; Clean Cooking Technologies; Oil and Gas Technologies; Fuel Combustion Systems.
  5. Transport Systems
    Pipelines; Non-motorised Transport Systems; Advancements in Electric Vehicles and Hybrid Propulsion Systems; Intelligent Transportation Systems; Connected Vehicles Technology; Traffic Management Systems; Hyperloop and High-Speed Rail, Autonomous Vehicles Technologies.
  6. Cross Cutting Issues in Industrial Development
    Academia-Industry Linkage Initiatives, Innovation and Technology Adoption; Environment and Sustainability; Information and Communication Systems and Technology; Gender; Equity and Inclusion; Ethics and Social Responsibility; Regulatory and Policy Frameworks; Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation.